Monday, September 27, 2010


Simon Cowell at work (Urbis, Manchester). Me & Chris Jessup in the kitchen. Kitchen looked different (larger with an eating area). Giselle (Brazilian Model) in the lift trying to sell signed pictures of Simon Cowell.
Me & Chris sat down i the kitchen eating area scoffing bacon, burger & egg butties; then the guests walked in. Paul Warmsley (old school friend) with a russian accent was the chef and he told us a joke, I said, "I didn't understand a word of it because he was from Rawtenstall" (town next to where I was brought up).
Woman from 'Extras' sat down next to me, then apologised and laid across the table in front of me flirting.
In a building (about the 4th floor) and there are loads of babies scattered all over the floor. There is a scientist and she is conducting an experiment on how babies move in their sleep; I stood up and walked over to the scientist and asked her if I could go to the toilet; she told me to lie down with the babies and stop making such a noise.
I was just about to lie down when Pauline Fowler (Eastenders) turned up with 4 or 5 kids and told them to go and play. The kids were carrying hot mugs of tea and started running around the babies; I looked at the scientist but she was not bothered, so I wrapped a blanket around me and left by the stairs.

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