Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fag Baboon Xmas Pictures

I Married Hydro-Electricity
for Holly Jazz Lowe.

Brief -
Hey Steve!!! What a great idea! I'm going to take you up on it... if you want to take it on.

My stupid boyfriend is obsessed with hydro-electricity. Like, it almost makes him hard. He's from Scotland and his house has its wn stream and water turbines etc. Anyway, I always say to him "WHY DONT YOU JUST *MARRY* HYDRO ELECTRICITY?!?" and its a sort of on-going not very funny in-joke.
If you think it would at all be possible to illustrate something along the lines of him and his bride of hydro-electricity with those words or something then that would be like the best thing ever!!
I know it's a bit of an abstract ask and fully understand if you say 'what the fuck, Holly. No.' but don't ask don't get eh?
Let me know what you thinkies.
Hope you're well anyway and I'll be swinging by Manc soon for a visit so hopefully see you then!!

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