Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Major Project - Satirical Illustrations

Major Project Brief 1
Name: Stephen Colin Nuttall
Pathway: Illustration
Date: 13/01/11
Project Name: Satirical Illustrations

  • - I am interested in editorial illustrations; particularly the political and social side of satirical illustration. This is something that I wish to pursue in the future on completion of my degree.
  • - The satirical illustration is not as abundant and prevalent as it once was which I feel is a loss to many newspapers & magazines.
  • - My approach to illustration needs to be refined; I feel that this project would be suitable for me to do this.

  • - I will create 7/10 illustrations based on topical news stories from the past year. These stories will be political and social in content; and I will be contacting different newspapers & magazines with regards to working with them or for them; and also try and get a live brief to work on.
  • - There will be investigation into the satirical illustrators of the past (i.e. Ralph Steadman, Giles, Punch Magazine, Goya, etc.). And research into the history of illustration looking at the original practice to modern day production.
  • - I will refine my approach to illustration and create roughs before proceeding with final images. These final images will be refined and high impact illustrations (1/2 colours; thought of space and shapes to have focus for the viewer).
  • - I will research the newspapers & magazines that are still using satirical illustrations in them (i.e. Economist, Daily Mail, Observer, etc...). I will contact these publications and arrange meetings with their Art Directors to view my portfolio.

  • - The project is self-initiated; but I will be contacting different publications about work and working on live briefs.

Competitors / Context
  • - The majority of satirical illustrators create cartoon-esque drawings depicting an abstract scenario based on current affairs.
  • - Their target audience is the art directors at the broadsheets and current affair magazines; the art director’s audience is the people purchasing these publications.
  • - The competition will come from other satirical illustrators whom I will research and contact from the beginning of the project.

Target Audience
  • - My target audience initially will be to grab the attention of the art directors of the different publications I will be contacting.
  • - The viewer (of artwork & publication) will have an interest in current affairs, politics and social economics. They will be interested in the article (writing/story/journalism) and then want to see the artwork which will give the viewer a satirical view of the foresaid article.
  • - I will continue to contact art directors and gain valuable feedback regarding my work.

  • - 7/10 illustrations in context with story.
  • - A live brief illustration project.
  • - 3 art director meetings.
  • - A job.

Links & Books & Precedents
  • - Practitioners – Ralph Steadman, Giles, Richard Doyle, Steve Brodner, Jerry Miller, Goya, etc...
  • - Publications - Punch Magazine, Observer, Mail, Rolling Stone, Economist, Mad Magazine, etc...

List of News Articles that the Satirical Illustrations will be based on

1. Wikileaks
2. Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill
3. MP Expenses Scandal
4. Coalition Government
5. Bankers Bonuses
6. Nick Griffin (BNP) refusal into Buckingham Palace
7. Irish Finance Collapse
8. Berlosconi (Italian PM)
9. Tony Blair on Trial (Iraq)
10. Paul the Octopuss (Psychic)

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