Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreams (Monday 24th January 2011)

I had a dream... I was on a mission it seemed. I'm not sure where I was but the different places & locations were foreign; it seemed like Asia.
The dream began and I was with two women I'd never seen before and a friend of mine called Peter White. We were in a hotel somewhere in the middle east and we were all walking through the lobby and then we suddenly appeared outside of a room.
We where then in a jungle, which felt like Vietnam, and it was hot. The mission seemed to be that we had to get something (what it was I was not sure) from Dolph Lundgren. It felt as if it was important.
We walked through the jungle, but we were dressed as if we where in town on a night out; we passed Dolph who was sat in front of a wooden hut talking to four massive men (but I could not see their faces). The dark haired girl in our group said that we should go around the back of the wooden hut, as she knew of a secret passage way and entrance.
We then arrived at the dark tunnel or at least the entrance to one, and there was a set of coat hooks nailed into the mud wall before it. I decided that I must hang my tweed jacket before I went down the tunnel, and I left my camera and my phone in my pocket, but I quite quickly went back for my phone as I thought that we may need it if we get into trouble.
As we walked down the tunnel it into some sort of airport lounge and then into a queue to what looked liked a fairground ride. The dark girl said something to the blonde girl, that she had been trying to get the attention of my friend Peter for the past six years.
I then realised that this mission was a yearly experience and that we had been on missions together as a team for the past six years. We had to complete these missions so that we could live a normal life for the rest of the year. Then I awoke...

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