Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dreams (Tuesday 25th January 2011)

I had a dream... I was at home on Cedar Avenue with my Mum and we were walking up the street, when we saw lots of Land Rover's with small, thin horse boxes on them (attached like trailers). One of the Land Rover's tried to do a three point turn but ended up smashing into a couple of other cars.
There was a woman who was serving the farmers cups of tea from a stand in fromt of her garden; which was the top house of Rosewood Avenue. She saw the crash but just looked around to see if any other neighbours had noticed; I think at this time I knew that it was very early in the morning.
We (Me & Mum) walked past this woman and the farmers and turned right onto Rosewood Avenue; only now the pavement and road had turned into a very steep grassy hill.
The light turned to dark and the only light we had was a spotlight that came from the sky and rested on us. We began to walk down the slope; I had a walking stick which looked more like a broken plank of wood.
We walked for a while and I could see my Mum was struggling, so I offered her my walking stick, she said she didn't need it as, "God would look after her". I told her, "God doesn't do hills"; so she took my walking stick. We reached the bottom of Rosewood Avenue and the post office was closed so I suggested that we should go to the shop in the town centre. Then I awoke...

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